My Pro Day is the newest tool for coaches and scouts at all levels.

Here's how you can hit a home run
with My Pro Day:


Register and attend a My Pro Day showcase in your local area, where you will go through an evaluation process modeled after a real professional baseball tryout camp.

We test your arm strength, defensive skills, hitting ability, running speed, quickness, agility, athleticism, and more. As you move through the 15 test stations, you'll also get tips on how to improve in each area of the game. But it's not just a day at fantasy camp, and it's so much more than a skills challenge. Here's what comes next...


Your personalized My Pro Day scorecard will show your scores, ratings, and suggestions for improvement.

Even more valuable, your results will be entered into an international database and reveal how you measure up against players your age locally, statewide and nationally.

The My Pro Day database will identify players by a unique ID number, so only those with whom you share your number will be able to access your scores and rankings. If you are disappointed in a score, you can hide it from view. You can also retest at the next event.


Build your My Pro Day Baseball Card (your online profile).

Tell others a little about you, update your stats and accomplishments as often as you like, follow players from around the country, and use private message boards to find equipment, teams and tournaments. Think “facebook” for baseball players.


Coaches at all levels are looking for top talent like you. Your My Pro Day profile can allow scouts and coaches to contact you, if you wish, without compromising your privacy.

You control what others see and whether you want to be recruited for tournaments or teams at the next level.

My Pro Day is the newest tool for coaches and scouts at all levels.

Whether you are leading a youth travel team or a top Division I program, identifying and recruiting top talent are the building blocks of success. My Pro Day is a great place to start.

Thousands of players worldwide are attending My Pro Day skills assessment sessions, where they are evaluated and scored in up to 20 categories. After that, they build their online profiles, which provide further details about themselves and their baseball accomplishments.

While the players in My Pro Day enjoy numerous benefits, most are hoping to catch the eye of coaches like you who can help them get to the next level.

This is NOT a recruiting service that charges big money and makes big promises. My Pro Day is simply a first-of-its-kind assessment experience and meeting place that brings together talented players of all ages and top coaches at all levels.

The players have all been through the same evaluation process, designed and administered by trained and qualified baseball coaches nationwide. The scores posted are objective results from the stopwatch, radar gun or tape measure, so what you see is not subject to interpretation.

How can you use My Pro Day? First and foremost, you can identify top talent in your area, your region, or nationally.

Travel coaches can use My Pro Day to build a dream team. Need to add speed to your lineup? You can search for the fastest players in your state in any given age group. Need to pick up a pitcher for a tournament hundreds of miles from home? You can find top players in the host state and contact them with a click.

High school coaches, college coaches and professional scouts can get a jump on the competition by identifying top players at a younger age. Add players to your Virtual Roster, and you will receive alerts whenever they update their profiles, statistics, accomplishments or test results. If you wish, you can contact players through their My Pro Day email address.

Use our bulletin board to find players and tournaments. Save money on equipment and apparel with special offers from our sponsors and partners.

More players are being added all time, but now is a good time to get on board. My Pro Day membership is FREE to coaches for a limited time. Click here to get started.

Player Benefits

  1. Enjoy a real pro baseball tryout experience at any age.
  2. Learn where you rank among others nationwide.
  3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses before it's too late.
  4. Get the attention of travel coaches, high schools, colleges and professional scouts. Imagine getting contacted by a coach three states away looking to pick up a player for an elite tournament.
  5. Earn a spot on a My Pro Day international travel team and play overseas.
  6. Create and share your individual baseball card profile.
  7. Share and update your statistics and honors as often as you like.
  8. Network with other players around the country.
  9. Access the My Pro Day Bulletin Board, where you can trade equipment, share tips and drills, learn about tournaments and teams looking for players, talk baseball, and more.
  10. Get special discounts on baseball equipment, camps and clinics, and private lessons available only to My Pro Day members.

Parent Benefits

  1. Watch your player in action at a pro baseball-like tryout camp with the best players from your area.
  2. See how he compares with other players his age at the national, state and local levels.
  3. Network with other parents and coaches through My Pro Day's secure web site.
  4. Gain exclusive access to free tips and drills to help work on any weaknesses identified during the evaluation.
  5. Get special discounts on baseball equipment, camps and clinics, and private lessons available only to My Pro Day members.

Coach Benefits

  1. Identify the best players in your area, state and region before someone else does.
  2. Communicate with prospects and parents through our secure web site.
  3. Build a tournament team at any age with unbeatable talent using our Radius Search feature.
  4. Fill a roster spot or pick up an elite pitcher for a tournament several states away. Just search the My Pro Day database and contact top players who live near the event.
  5. Help your current players get to the next level by letting them see where they rank in each skill category.
  6. Network with other coaches from around the country.
  7. Access the My Pro Day Bulletin Board, where you can trade equipment, share tips and drills, learn about tournaments, talk baseball, and more.

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